How can I help?  

First - Pray for the start-up of Veritas Classical Academy. We request you pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, for the Board as we make decisions on policy, finance, location, curriculum and hiring, for the families considering this education option for their children, for support from the evangelical community in Grays Harbor; and above all that God would be glorified. 

Second - Consider enrolling your children. Veritas Classical Academy exists to partner with parents desiring to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  

Third - share the news. Pass out resources about Veritas Classical Academy and Classical Christian Education. 


How many grades are you starting with? 

The Board has committed to starting with Kindergarten and Primary grades for the Fall of 2021. 


What will the school schedule and format look like?  

The schedule will be 5 days a week in person format from 8:15 am to 3:00 pm. 


Who will the teachers be?  

Jordan Hamblen is our Upper Grammar School teacher and Carolyn Greer is our Lower Grammar School teacher. Both have several years of experience as professional educators. They are both devout Christians and actively serve in the local churches they attend. 


What will tuition look like?  

Tuition will be $5,500 for the first child, $4,900 for the second child and $4,300 for the third child. Limited scholarships are available.   


Who is involved in this start-up?  

Veritas Classical Academy is a non-profit organization. Currently, our board consists of 3 voting members and 2 ex-officio members. The board members are a part of and faithfully attend evangelical churches in Grays Harbor.  


Will the school be accredited? 

Veritas Classical Academy will not seek accreditation through Washington State. We are a member school of the Association of Classical Christian Schools. And, as Veritas becomes more established, may seek accreditation through the Association of Classical Christian Schools.